What do we treat?

4Fcircle_essen_foto_gantenberg_017We treat you!

We treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems, but also take into account factors like your general health and nutritional factors.
The majority of problems we treat are sports injuiries, tendon problems (achilles and patelar pain among the most common), muscle tears and pain, back pain, neck pain, knee and hip pain, overuse syndroms. Tennis elbow, jumpers knee and rotator cuff tendinopathies are among common problems we see.
Due to years of experience within sports we treat a variety of people, many of whom are keen amateur sports participants, as well as professional athletes and people with acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems of all ages.

Our aim is to assess your condition swiftly and effectivley by uniquely trained Sports & MSK Physician. Treatment can be started then and there.


Our Treatments ...

Wellenlaufen KindBring it all together!

Dr Markus Laupheimer’s special interest is musculoskeletal Ultrasound and Ultrasound guided injections.
As a treatment option we combine “high volume injections” with myofacial pain relief for tendon problems. High Volume Ultrasound guided injections are an innovative treatment which has been used for years for tendon problems and where evidence base is emerging. Additionally we focus on muscular disfunctions which can be treated with injections, acupuncture combined with physiotherapy or osteopathy.
Depending on what your problem is, autologus blood, prolotherapy or hyaluronic acid (Ostenil) might also be of use for you. Injections and acupuncture might be a good option for you, it will be combined with nutrition and if of interest to you the advise about herbal remedies. Finally guided by a physiotheraist rehabilitation and the right exercises for you. That means you need to take control!
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You take Control!

takecontrolSports and Exercise Medicine wants you to take control, control of your exercsie and rehab programme, control of your life style and nutrition. Sports Physician’s and Physiotherapists can guide you to progress back to your previous activities level. And maybe a bit more that you can perform for longer with less injuries!